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Vowels-: Five vowel sounds are used in the Japanese language:

 A as in father

I as in unique

U as in rude

E as in yet

O as in hope


- pronounced the same as in English with the following exceptions;

G is always hard as in go

R is halfway between the English R and D sounding like L.  Make the sound by saying r while placing the tip of your tongue on the spot between your teeth and the roof of your mouth.

Double consonsonants are both pronounced, as are double vowels

- Vowels are frequiently muted after a soft consonant.  Examples:

Mokuso  mok’so

Desuka   des’ka

- The pronunciation of some consonsonants changes when combining words:<

Keri    mae-geri

Tachi    zenkutsui-dachi

Sai    nicho-zai