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Ramtown Karate is a charter member of Ryukyukan, a Shorinryu karate organization based in Okinawa, Japan. Ryukyukan is led by our president Hanshi (Ninth Degree) Koei Nohara, Okinawan Shorinryu karate master.  Ryukyukan and California's Ramtown Karate are known for a strong historical lineage and an internationally renowned full contact karate fighting team.

Shorinryu Karate

Karate was first created in Okinawa, Japan. Shorinryu Karate is one of the three original Karate styles (Shorinryu, Gojuryu, Uechiryu).  Ryukyukan is directly linked to the original Shorinryu karate through the line of Chosin Chibana (Kobayashi) and Chotoku Kyan (Matsubayshi). The main technical characteristic of Shorin-ryu Karate is to concentrate one’s power (kime) into a target smoothly, accurately, and in the precise instant it is needed. This method of concentrating power is practiced internally and externally, using movements that are naturally healthy for the practitioner. This practice is soothing to the internal organs and calming for respiration. Relaxed natural movement punctuated with focused releases of power teaches your body to properly relax with perfect form. Energy is preserved leaving the body and mind alert and ready to respond as needed. This method of training is as relevant today as when it was originally used for life-and-death combat. It is impossible to picture the speed, power and ability of the Okinawan karate masters without actually training with them. Body learned ability to react and defend is automatic in those individuals who spend a lifetime practicing the finely tuned methods of Okinawan karate. The Ryukyukan training system challenges and pleases those who quest for the real historical meaning and techniques of karate. In today's world jaded by claims of martial arts mastery, many look to competition to test their karate. The Ryukyukan Karatedo Federation promotes full contact karate. Our Ryukyukan fighters compete successfully in today's highest levels of full contact karate competition, as well as sport karate kumite, and kick boxing. Our international ties promote friendships that span the globe; wonderful visits to other countries where Ryukyukan students meet great competition, establish friendships and experience other countries through the eyes of local residents.

Full Contact Karate / Knockdown Karate

Ramtown Karate is a member of the All Ryukyus Full Contact Karatedo Association, the renowned Full Contact Karate group based in Okinawa, where karate originated.  Our international Ryukyukan Karate organization hosts the largest full contact tournament in the Ryukyus (Japan) where over 400 competitors test their skills with Full Contact rules each June. Ryukyukan also host a tournament which includes Knockdown divisions in London each April, North Carolina in August, South America in October, and in Dixon California each November.  Ramtown Karate fighters are internationally known in the Full Contact / Knockdown Karate arena.

Traditional Sport Karate Tournament Competition

Ramtown Karate is a charter member of the Northern California Karate Federation, a group of traditional karate dojos that promote the highest level karate tournament competitions in Northern California. NCKF champions continue on to national competitions through USA Karate, and the AAU. Those athletes who reach the top in national competitions are selected for positions on the USA Pan American Games team, and the USA Karate team. In 2020, USA Karate will select the first Olympic Karate team to represent USA in Karate at the Tokyo Olympics.

Total Health and Wellness

Okinawa has one of the highest concentrations of people who live to over 100 years old in the world. A contributing factor to this longevity is the Okinawan diet which is high in vegetables, fish, green tea and soy. A further contributor is the lifestyle of the Okinawan, which venerates art, song, dance, and spirituality.  Another integral part of the Okinawan lifestyle is karatedo (the way of empty hand) where Okinawans exercise daily with martial movements passed down from their ancestors. We emulate and study the mind and body connection so fused to the Okinawan Karate master's life, yet so far from the average life today in the United States.  We strive for a longer, healthier, happier life focusing on methods which rely on a holistic and natural approach, not fully understood yet by Western Medicine. We hope to adjust our lifestyle to depend less on doctors, psychiatrists, surgeries, hospitalizations, and prescription drugs, using these measures only as a last resort, while practicing a lifestyle of prevention used for many hundreds of years in distant civilizations.