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Real self defense begins with awareness. An alert,  prepared, confident person is rarely the choice for a would-be attacker. So, how do we move toward our goals for personal protection?

Most of us want training free of injury and embarrassment. We want to feel welcomed by our instructor and other students. We need to believe in the program and feel real progress. We need the encouragement to train consistently until we see and feel real changes in our body and frame of mind.

Our instructors have come up through our program. They lead classes with the motto: Sweat, Smile, Learn. We constantly strive to combine safety and freedom from embarrassment with challenge and excitement.

If attacked, Ramtown students know how to evade or break free using our street proven evasive movement patterns, break-holds, vital strikes, and joint attacks. Safety increases as distance from the attacker increases, distance is even more important against multiple or armed attackers.  Extended periods of tie ups or ground fighting decrease the odds for survival. We work to break free; if pulled to the ground, we work to get up and away.

Police and military personnel often carry weapons. Our system is well suited to gain separation and distance, essential for weapon retention, and opening options for weapon deployment.

Our formidable full contact karate techniques, jujitsu, judo, krav maga, kickboxing, pressure point compliance, and submission grappling all combine to afford our students the best options if forced to fight.

Ramtown programs also include arrest and control techniques, and third party defense for professionals.

Our Adult Programs include Personal Protection.

Don't want a uniform or commitment to long term training?  Try a Seminar! Ramtown Karate offers Personal Protection Seminars on an on-going basis. Give us a call at:

707 678 4899