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Kids Programs

Our comprehensive children's program inspires kids to grow both mentally and physically. Kids learn to learn by progressing through levels that develop strength, coordination, and flexibility while fully focusing on the task at hand. This type of training reinforces positive habits such as concentration, teamwork, responsibility, and respect. Our instructors design their lessons with the motto: Sweat, smile, learn.

Tiny Tigers

Boys and girls age 4-5 are challenged with games and drills to increase concentration and encourage team play. Exercises reinforce coordination and reaction skills, with fun as the their major motivator.

Little Dragons

Kids ages 6-8 perform work with partners in this motion oriented class. Confidence is boosted with self defense training and bully busting skills. Games heighten and reinforce functional strength, endurance, and flexibility. Life skills learned include determination, courage, respect, and reasoning. This class also introduces competitive sparring with an emphasis not on winning but on the development of positive behavior and an appreciation for sports.


Kids ages 9-12 learn that being engaged in challenging physical and mental training is fun! Skills in traditional Shorinryu Karate, grappling, and self defense skyrocket at this developmental stage. Life skills continue to develop with the help of positive roll models as their teachers and classmates. Many from this group compete successfully at local competitions, while some even rise to the national level.

Tournament Competition

Northern California has produced some of the most powerful and dynamic martial artists in the world. Ramtown Karate supports traditional karate competitions at a local level with the Northern California Karate Federation (NCKF), where traditional competition meets state of the art training methods.The NCKF is comprised of the best karate teams in Northern California, the most trained professional judges, and the best coaches, several of whom coach and judge at the national and international levels, including the Pan American Games and the World Karate Federation Championships.

Ramtown Karate athletes who rise to the top at our local level tournament circuit are eligible for national level competition through the USA National Karatedo Federation (USA-NKF), and the AAU. In 2009, the Ramtown Karate Competition Team comprised of 14 members traveled to Florida for the USA-NKF Nationals and returned with 14 medals. In 2014 the Ramtown Karate team traveled to Reno for the USA Karate Nationals. Our team came home with 18 medals, and 4 advanced division first place National Champions. This type of competition requires advanced and intensive training to boost our athletes to the highest level of timing and technique. This challenging path reaps life lessons of discipline, concentration, stamina, and courage, and the opportunity is available to all of our students.

Kids Camps

Ramtown Karate kids camps are strategically spaced throughout the year to align with long breaks from school. New and innovative training methods are introduced in these camps that are above and beyond what you will find in our standard classes. Accelerated learning sessions are possible due to the extra time our instructors spend with students. Students bond with peers and instructors in a way only possible when spending the day together. We discuss life situation issues, nutrition and positive attitudes, among other important issues.

Good form and technique are reinforced with game-like drills that build and progress throughout the camp. Kids become engaged in problem solving activities, gaining a broader understanding of the life skills that Ramtown Karate presents. They gain a sense of accomplishment and self worth by achieving progressive challenges that test their agility, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Kids get home, eat dinner, and are ready to rest. They get up the next morning a little stiff and sore, but ready for the challenge of another day of building positive memories at Ramtown Karate camp.