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12th Annual Karate Tournament in Dixon California

On November 3, 2013, Ramtown Karate and Shorinryu Ryukyukan Karate Federation President Koei Nohara will host its 12th annual tournament in Dixon, California.

Nohara Sensei will arrive in Dixon on the last leg of his 2013 seminar tour starting in North Carolina, then Puerto Rico, Chile, and finally Dixon. Craig Finch Sensei from the London Dojo, with Mamoru Toda Sensei from the Tokyo Dojo and Hero Irei Sensei from Okinawa wll accompany Nohara Sensei on this tour. 

We had 16 excellent dojos participate in our tournament last year.  We expect all to return plus a few new names.  We hope to see you there!

Daytime event:



4 p.m. Knockdown Event: