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11th Annual Ryukyukan Dixon Karate Tournament

On November 3, 2012, Ramtown Karate and Shorinryu Ryukyukan Karate Federation President Koei Nohara hosted its 11th annual tournament in Dixon, California.  The tournament was the largest yet, running expeptionally smoothly due to a great group of NCKF judges, great Dixon Dojo volunteers, lots of help from the international visitors, and well prepared coaches and athletes. 

Nohara Sensei arrived in Dixon on the last leg of his 2012 seminar tour starting in North Carolina, then Puerto Rico, Chile, and finally Dixon. Craig Finch Sensei from the London Dojo, and Mamoru Toda Sensei from the Tokyo Dojo accompanied Nohara Sensei on his tour.  Other international guests were Jose Juan Cruz Sensei from Puerto Rico, Hero Irei Sensei from Okinawa, and Mika Nohara Sensei from the Okinawa Dojo with her husband Rinsei Nohara.  International guests stayed with local families, enjoying some Dixon hospitality.

Sixteen Northern California teams entered Kata, Kobudo, Kumite (point starring), and the Knockdown compeition. The morning events began on time wih Joe Bock marching in the flag ceremony, and Joe's wife Shizuko Bock performing her popular Okinawan karate dance.  Mayor Batchelor spoke, as well as Fujiko Dandoy, president of the cultural society Okinawa Kenjin kai from Sacramento.

The tournament was competitive, with top California teams such as Cruz Martial Arts from Hayward, Haley Martial Arts from Chico, IKF from Sacramento, SASKA from Roseville, Miladi Academy from Yuba City, All American Karate Academy in Dublin, and Dixon's Ramtown Karate team bringing the skills that keep these teams competitive at the state and national levels.  The Ramtown team competed well, grabbing a place medal in almost every division.  

The U.S. Open Knockdown Challenge started at 4 p.m. Hard hitting karate athletes showed up to test thier skills under the traditional Okinawan Knockdown Karate rules where hard effective strikes win points.  Ramtown Karate and the Mongolian Dasha Dojo were the two top teams in the afternoon competition, with Dasha topping wins in the Semi Contact divisions, and Ramtown Karate sweeping the Advanced Knockdown divisons with Nicole Ernest winning Advanced Women's, Charlie Ernest winning Advanced Lightweight Men's, and Curtis Winchester winning Advanced Heavyweight Men's. 

Results and pictures for the 2012 Dixon tournament are available below:


The Ernest Family of Ramtown Karate, and Koei Nohara, president of Ryukyukan International wish to extend their deepest appreciation for the super effort and great attitudes displayed by all involved in the Dixon tournament.  Work is already beginning to make next years tournament the place to be on the first weekend of November, 2013!

Results and pictures for the 2012 Dixon tournament are available below: