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Tim Lajcik

tim lajcikRamtown Karate is super-charging its grappling program under the direction of coach Tim Lajcik.

Ramtown Karate's stand-up fighting program is one of the finest, as proven again and again with a long list of champions in full contact karate, point karate, kickboxing, and muay thai competition.

Now, with a collaboration between Jim Ernest, directior of training at Ramtown Karate and Tim Lajcik, grappling champion and coach, Ramtown's grappling/ground game future looks brighter than ever.

Here is a portion of Coach Lajcik's resume:

  • Ultimate Fighting Championships Veteran
  • University of California-Davis Athletic Hall of Fame
  • AAU National Freestyle Wrestling Champion
  • 2-time NCAA All-American, Wrestling
  • 2-Time Conference Champion, Wrestling
  • NCAA Academic All-American, Wrestling
  • UC Davis All-Decade Football Team, 1980’s
  • Muscle and Fitness Magazine Football All-Strength Team
  • UC Davis Scholar-Athlete of the Year
  • Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
  • 2-time Conference Coach of the Year, Wrestling

Coach Lajcik is working directly with Ramtown Instructors Ben Ernest, Charlie Ernest, Curtis Winchester, Alonzo Alatorre, and Wyatt Erwin to develop a higher level of proficiency in all their grappling skills. Sensei Jim Ernest is working with the the Ramtown instructors to modify and develop Ramtown's grappling program, and apply it over the entire Ramtown curriculum.

Our goals:

Ramtown MMA fighters end up on top or standing, not on the bottom. They are hard to take down, and even harder to submit.

We compete well in submission grappling, ju jitsu, freestyle, and high school wrestling tournaments; we challenge our skills often.

We apply our grappling knowledge and instruction to all our martial arts classes, whether competiton based, or reality/self defense based training.

Come in and try one of our great new classes!