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New Black Belt Ranks for 2010


On Saturday November 7, 2010, Ramtown Karate had 4 new Black Belt rankings: Sensei Nicole Umphenour (Nidan, 2nd degree), Sensei Bobby Niemann (Nidan, 2nd degree), Sensei Robin Tully (Shodan, 1st degree), and Sensei Curtis Winchester (Shodan, 1st degree). The ranks were awarded by Sensei Jose Juan Cruz (Ryukyukan Puerto Rico), Sensei Jim Ernest (Ryukyukan Dixon CA) and Sensei Nohara (9th degree Ryukyukan president, Okinawa honbu dojo).

Robin Tully and her family has been an active part of Ramtown Karate for over five years.  She is an active karate competetor, self defense student, grappler, kickboxer, and assistant FightFit instructor. 

Curtis Winchester has been training for over four years and is an active point fighter, full contact fighter, and MMA competetor.  He can be found training and helping newer students improve their fighting and conditioning skills.

Sensei Bobby Niemann has been a Ramtown student for 9 years.  He specializes in MMA, strength training, and full contact karate.

Sensei Nicole Umphenour has been a Ramtown student for over 14 years.  She has been a leader on Ramtown's competition team for years. She is a nationally ranked competetor in karate kata and kumite. Nicole is also an accomplished full contact fighter and kickboxer.

Ramtown Karate is extreemly proud to have these black belts training at our dojo! Congratulations to all four!