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Sensei Nicole has trained at Ramtown Karate since she was 7 years old. She grew up with her room full of karate tournament trophies and medals. Having trained and competed in Japan and Europe, she is equally talented at historical karate forms, point tournament fighting, and full contact karate fighting. She performs Okinawan weapons kata with grace and skill. She has spent many hours with the Ramtown MMA team, respected as an amazing stand up fighter who can also hold her own on the ground. Sensei Nicole competed in the USA Karate Nationals in 2010, placing 2nd in the nation in Okinawan Karate Kata, and was picked as an alternate fighter for the USA Pan American Games Karate Team after loosing to the first place woman in the last 10 seconds of an overtime round.  Because of her charismatic style, she is in high demand as a teacher at Ramtown Karate, popular with children and adults alike.