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Sensei Ben began his martial arts training at 5 years old, inspired by his dad Sensei Jim Ernest, and world champion kick boxer Dennis Alexio, who practiced in the garage at his home.
Sensei Ben trained in karate, jujutsu, savate, aikido, and judo under his father, kajukenbo under Alan Reyes, and practiced with kick boxer Eugene Ray. In Junior High, and in high school he trained and competed as an Olympic Style Weight Lifter. In High School, he was an active karate tournament competitor in Northern California as well as a linebacker on his championship football team in 1999. 
He is now a schoolteacher in Dixon. He has been a team member on the IFL Lions, and Ken Shamrock’s Lions Den pro team, and pro training partner to Buddy Roberts and Vernon White.
Ben is always looking for good fighting and workout partners. His contact fighting team is growing in numbers and increasing in skill. His Saturday class is becoming a well known in the area. It is attracting professional athletes, driven karate students, MMA hopefuls, and police officers. He is always willing to wrestle or fight on Saturdays; anyone can come to the gym to work out, and try a Ramtown MMA class. Come and see him at Ramtown.