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Mr. Ernest is the chief instructor at RaJim5mtown Karate. He began boxing training as young man under his father, who was a U.S. Marine boxer. Mr. Ernest wrestled on his high school teams in California and New Jersey. He was on the football starting line up and winning varsity 191-pound wrestler in a small college in Pennsylvania. In 1973, Mr. Ernest began training in Shotokan Karate under Mr. Kazumi Tabata in Boston. A year later, Mr. Ernest moved to Connecticut, training under Mr. Harry Hamzy and Mr. Joe Rossi, earning his black belt in Ketsuka, a karate and jujutsu mixed martial arts style, in 1977. He was an active East Coast tournament competitor, bouncer, and bodyguard to celebrities (Ian Anderson, Jerry Garcia). Mr. Ernest married Kathy and moved to Dixon California. He and his wife began teaching martial arts at the University of California, Davis. His friend and training partner Dennis Alexio became the World Heavyweight Kickboxing champion. Pursuing a career as peace officer, supervisor and trainer in California’s maximum-security prisons, Mr. Ernest served the State of California for 20 years. After years of training, Mr. Ernest was awarded a Fifth Degree belt under the Ketsuka system in 1993. Mr. Ernest met Okinawan karate master Koei Nohara in the early 90’s. Mr. Ernest was deeply impressed with the knowledge, technique, and spirit contained in the original Shorinryu karate of Okinawa, and the effectiveness of Mr. Nohara’s international full-contact fighting team. Mr. Ernest joined Mr. Nohara’s Ryukyukan Okinawan Karate Organization, traveling to Japan and studying internationally under Ryukyukan. Mr. Ernest is currently ranked as Nanadan (7th degree), Kyoshi, and Ryukyukan International Vice President. Mr. Ernest is an avid martial arts researcher, with a full library of martial arts books and videos collected from all over the world. He is is also a certified Acupressurist. He is a Ryukyukan Full Contact Karate referee and judge, and a certified referee (Ref. B/B) by USA Karate and the World Karate Federation (WKF), and ranked A/A by the Karate Referee Association (KRA). Mr. Ernest uses his knowledge and experience as a competitor, coach, trainer and instructor to produce top competitors in Karate Kumite, Karate Kata, Full Contact Karate, Kickboxing, and MMA events.